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The purpose of this training course is to outline acceptable behaviors expected from employees whether it is in relationship to each other, the employer, the property or in their relationships with clients.

Ethics for the workplace is a course covering soft skills that can enhance performance and professionalism in the workplace. Our ethics training program will help you develop your ability to recognize and promote ethical decisions in the workplace, and identify ethical and unethical actions and behaviors.

  • Define ethics is the workplace.
  • Understand the employee’s role in working to required ethical standards.
  • Work to the required standards of the company and continuously improve performance.
  • Identify soft skills that can improve performance.
  • Compare examples of ethical & unethical actions.
  • Identify and resolve typical ethical dilemmas and develop appropriate work behaviors.
  • Demonstrate improved self-esteem and positive attitude to enhance effectiveness in the work place.
  • Respect work property, resources, colleagues and maintain a respective work place,
  • Improve customer service excellence through good work ethics.

This course is designed for a general audience and is relevant to all employees in your organization.

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