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How we work

No matter what type of property you manage, managing human resources effectively is essential to the growth of your organization. We help properties identify the best pool of candidates for various employment opportunities. We provide fresh and highly experienced eyes to seek out improvements in your human resources and operating model. As your consultants, we identify and evaluate candidates so that we can present you with exactly the kind of star you need to help grow your organization. We help you create value by getting the best out of your people and operations.

Our approach

Step 1: Staffing need analysis and planning

Step 2: Design of recruitment advert

Step 3: Posting job openings

Step 4: First selection and interview

Step 5: Reference check

Step 6: Final interview and negotiation

Step 7: New Employee Onboarding (Optional)

Step 8: After Sales Service

How to reach us.

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Outstanding Solutions Ltd is a hospitality consultancy company, incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania, providing complete staffing solutions, training and competency development for the Tanzania’s tourism and hospitality industry.


Corporate Networking Evening

Corporate Networking Evening

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