• Receive and process requests for quotes and price lists.
• Identify and develop partnerships with potential suppliers.
• Compile and analyse competing bids (price comparison, service level, delivery and
payment terms & conditions) for management to approve suppliers.
• Maintain an up-to-date list of existing and new items in the computerised Materials
Management System (MMS).
• Update approved suppliers’ details, prices, and specifications in the MMS.
• Monitor stock levels to ensure item availability when needed.
• Notify Heads-Of-Department (HOD) of critically low stock levels and purchasing
• Prepare and place authorized purchase orders.

• Inspect each delivery before signing the delivery note/bill.
• Ensure that items purchased correspond to the requirements in terms of quality and
specifications (size/grade/variety/brand).
• Verify that items purchased are received at the appropriate time and in good condition.
• Verify that items received match quantities ordered, and reconcile with the delivery
• Refuse items that do not match purchase orders in terms of price, quality,
specification, condition, delivery time or are above the quantity ordered.
• Verify that supplier bills reconcile with delivery notes.
• Ensure that information on supplier bills and receipts comply with fiscal regulations.
• Record items received in the MMS.

• Receive and process store and hotel department requisitions.
• Issue items as per approved requisitions.
• Ensure proper use and approval of store records (requisition notes, wastage notes, and
store transfers).
• Organise storage spaces with operational efficiency in mind.
• Label storage locations and items.
• Keep storage areas neat and tidy.
• Limit and control access to storage areas to authorised personnel and times only.
• Prevent and protect stored items against loss, theft or damage.
• Follow First-In: First-Out (FIFO) store management protocols.
• Re-package or cover items where required for safe and hygienic storage.
• Label items with production and expiry dates where required.
• Maintain awareness and inform HOD of items close to expiry.
• Discard expired items appropriately and immediately.
• Monitor and control facilities’ temperatures and ventilation.
• Monitor and control temperature of refrigeration units.

•Monitor storage facilities both inside and outside and report damages, necessary repairs
or propose improvements.
• Clean and disinfect storage areas and items in strict compliance with hygiene
• Ensure the equipment and tools used by teams are cleaned before returning to storage.
• Adhere to all Health and Safety procedures particularly relating to food and beverage

Inventory Control:
• Assign and categorize items’ PLU codes, Stocktaking groups, and Sales groups.
• Conduct regular physical stock-counts.
• Input stock-counts into the MMS.
• Reconcile and report shrinkages: discrepancies between stock-counts and theoretical
inventory levels.
• Prepare regular shrinkage and movement reports for management review and approval.
• Identify and report to HOD slow-moving items.

Record Keeping:
• Capture or ensure proper input of store records into the MMS.
• Maintain clear and organised records to ensure all store records are filed and stored
• Maintain an up-to-date database of Suppliers’ corporate information and contact
• Save Suppliers’ Catalogues, Quotes, Terms & Conditions, and Price Lists.
• Save Purchase Orders.
• Save Delivery/Receiving Notes (Purchases – Item report)
• Export Purchase Data for input into Accounting Software.
• Backup MMS data.

• Save Wastage reports.
• Save Temporary Shrinkage reports.

• Save Approved final Shrinkage reports.
• Save Movement reports.
• Prepare Closing Inventory Value reports.
• Prepare POS Purchasing Reports.
• Prepare Inventory Turnover reports.3

Minimum Qualifications

3 years experience in the given field or Logistics.


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Hotel Manager

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Outstanding Solutions Ltd is a hospitality consultancy company, incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania, providing complete staffing solutions, training and competency development for the Tanzania’s tourism and hospitality industry.


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