Sales & Marketing Manager


Duties and Responsibilities:

Representing the property at any time at high level. Responsible for developing and implementing short and long term plans to ensure that the Hotel image is constantly and consistently portrayed to the community and to the markets being served by the Hotel.


Ensure that you present a timetable for the following:

  • Daily work
  • Weekly work
  • Monthly activities list.


Present to the General Manager the Marketing and Sales Budgets for approval and implementation.

  1. Follow on all inquiries and continuously establish new business for the Hotel.
  2. Organize farm trips and site inspections with major clients and entertain for the purpose of marketing the Hotel.
  3. Provide information including trend of the competition as a result of sales solicitation, Telephone, Reading material, and interview with competitive Hotel staff, analyze and review these changes with the leadership team, and implement programs with sales team to meet this change in all market segments. Present comments of three most important competitors and comparison of prices structures. Occupancy structure of competitors in comparison to that of the property.
  1. In conjunction to the General Manager conduct rate negotiation and coordinate contract for accounts, with Tour Operators, Airlines, Travel Agents and Corporate Clients.
  2. You are to maintain a high level of exposure for the Hotel in the major marketing areas through direct sales solicitation, telephone, and written communication.
  3. You are responsible for branding the Hotel during exhibitions/promotions by ensuring there are adequate branding materials.
  4. In liaison with the Hotel Press-Agent always up date and inform clients of what goes on in the Hotel through Newsletters, print media, and other sources.
  5. Establish and update frequent Hotel residents’ directory and update them about the hotel. You are to maintain an-up dated list of all Hotel business-sources, markets segments and sectors.
  1. You are to prepare and produce production reports every month or whenever they are required.
  2. You are to maintain staff discipline and ensure that staff attire as per the Hotel standards.
  3. You are to be conversant with the forthcoming events in the industry and prepare a calendar of the same.
  4. In liaison with the Front Office Manager identify targets business, corporate private, Non Governmental Organization, government, and ensure such business are tapped.
  5. You are to attend financial review meetings, and explain your department position. Ensure smooth revenue collection from our patrons, where clear conditions of payments should be emphasized in accordance to standing policies of the hotel.
  1. You are to be aware of the Hotel budgeted room occupancy, average room rate and projected revenues in order to have a working base.
  2. You will be assigned duty Managers’ responsibilities.
  3. Due to the nature of your work, develop and accept the essence of working under pressure.
  4. You might be assigned any other extra duties by the management.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5 years experience in sales and marketing,
  • 3 years experience in the hospitality industry,
  • Conversant with digital marketing & trends,
  • Ability to work under pressure.

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April 25, 2022


General Manager

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