Human Resource and Capacity Building Manager


  • Manages all administrative aspects of the entire employee life cycle from recruitment through development and to termination.
  • Fully familiarized with all Groups and related company policies, as well as Groups’ programmes offered such as Loyalty programmes, audit and service measurement programmes and merit awards.
  • Participate in company and hotel induction-and refresher programmes.
  • Demonstrate exceptional level of professionalism, maturity and emotional intelligence at all times.
  • Actively assists HOD’s with their short-term staffing needs.
  • Ensures that all recruitment, selection, appointment, administrative, performance management, management of misconduct, grievance management and termination of service is dealt with in accordance with prescribed standard operating procedures.
  • Develop and maintains in-depth knowledge of all human resources management policies and procedures of the Group.
  • Ensures adherence to all human resources management policies and procedures of the Company.
  • Actively assists with the filling of all vacancies approved for filling.
  • Facilitates the identification and meeting of employee training needs in conjunction with other HOD’s.
  • Assist in drawing up the annual training plan and budget in cooperation with head office.
  • Coordinate and plan internal and external training activities that take place at the Hotel.
  •  Monitor and evaluate training activities.
  • Support and plan cross training programmes and coordinate implementation.
  • Develop and / or customise training material according to operating requirements.
  • Draw up monthly training reports and monthly invoicing.
  • Maintains accurate and up to date records of all training interventions.
  • Ensures accurate and up to date record keeping in respect of employee’s personal files.
  • Maintains accurate and up to date records of all employment equity statistics.
  • Ensures that the Financial Manager and/or Payroll Administrator are informed timeously of new employees that have joined or of employees that have left the service of the Hotel.
  • Ensures that the contracted Employment Relations service provider assists with all trade-union related matters.
  • Informs the contracted Employment Relations service provider as soon as any documentation is received from the CCMA.
  • Actively assists the contracted Employment Relations service provider to fulfil their mandate.
  • Liaises with the contracted Human Resources service provider as required.
  • Completes all prescribed monthly reports timeously and accurately.
  • Monitors the employment climate in all Departments and raise any concerns with the Country Director timeously.
  • Ensures compliance with all aspects of Tanzanian Labor Act 14 as well as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as applicable.
  • Performs such other human resources related functions as instructed by the Country Director or by Head Office.
  • Share responsibility for all MINT Policies regarding the audit requirements of Human resource audits.
  • Contribute to acting on the results of the above audits in order to achieve set targets.
  • Contributes to ensuring that all laws, regulations, licenses and MINT policies pertaining to the operation of the Hotel are adhered to.
  • Contributes to ensuring timeously and accurate submission of routine and special reports in terms of MINT policy and directives issued by MINT executives.
  • Serves on the following committees:
    – Consultative forum
    – Employment Equity Committee
    – Any other committee roles as determined
    from time to time

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 3-years experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Minimum 5-years HR Management Experience.
  • Familiar with the Tanzanian Employment Act and Labor Laws.
  • Proficient in English and Kiswahili.
  • Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills.

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March 7, 2022


Country Manager

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Outstanding Solutions Ltd is a hospitality consultancy company, incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania, providing complete staffing solutions, training and competency development for the Tanzania’s tourism and hospitality industry.


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