Food & Beverage Operations Manager



The Food Beverage Operations Manager’s primary objective is to ensure that the highest standards are maintained in all Food & Beverage, Front of House and Back of House areas on a daily basis.  It is imperative therefore that the FBOM manages his shift by actively wandering around in order to conform to our corporate philosophy of “Having the highest reputation for standards and services”.

  • To formulate, encourage and maintain team work spirit.
  • Professional guests relations of the hotel and ensure higher output from minimized expense.
  • Maintaining and respect to hierarchy.


Managerial Responsibilities:

  1. To maintain effective system for cleanliness, food, entertainment and other management stock, to ensure the delivery of uninterrupted services to customers.
  2. To establish effective operational equipment’s maintenance programs, hence ensure that the equipment’s are serviced on time.
  3. To maintain operational efficiency and to highlight any problems to the General Manager and par management staff.

Operational Responsibilities:

  1. To maintain accurate and up to date technical specifications for all equipment(s) and to ensure proper training of operational staff in their proper handling.
  2. To establish and enforce safety and hygiene standards in operational areas.
  3. To supervise and to guide staff in daily client satisfaction activities to ensure high standards in performance and quality products.
  4. To supervise and guide the staff in order to maintain operational areas peace, good employee relations, to ensure a high degree of morale with discipline and to liaise with Heads of departments/sections (HOD/HOS) as may be required.

To maintain continuous counseling schedules to every cadre of staff on matters related to gender, sexual harassment and social relations.

  1. To motivate the operations team, demonstrate excellent communication skills and to lead as a team leader by example, train and develop the staff in all areas of hotel operations and to promote job satisfaction among the staff.
  2. To do all such things as may be reasonably required for the proper and satisfactory conduct, improve, extend, develop and manage hotel operations and preserve and perpetuate the reputation and goodwill of the company and not willfully do or omit to do any act, matter or thing detrimental to the best interest of the company and the hotel properties.
  3. In liaise with Human Resource Manager, submit hotel operational manuals and staff organogram specifying categories, level and number of employees per position as per the approved organogram to be maintained at all times and all operations staff to follow the operations manual and to constantly update the same.
  4. Through relevant operational heads of departments, liaise with Human Resources Manager for the maintenance of duty rosters and smooth staff annual leave schedules, taking into account of the existing Labour laws.
  5. To co-ordinate with the General Manager in the preparation of budgets and achieve the results as per the budgets.
  6. To ensure that all areas of the hotel properties such as gardens, tandoor kitchen, restaurants and rosettes(emblem/decoration), bars, guest rooms, laundry, public areas and surroundings including staff canteen are kept tidy and well maintained at all times.
  7. You shall advise and work with the General Manager in the development and maintenance of management controls over all activities from the hotel operations point of view.
  8. You shall advise and work with the General Manager in compilation of budgets, development of programs, schedules and objectives which will enable the efficient and most profitable running of the operations.
  9. You shall prepare a monthly quality report, covering all areas of hotel operations with comprehensive comments, and present to the General Manager.
  10. You will offer training and guidance to all operational staff. You must ensure all appropriate healthy and safety procedures are applied in accordance with hotel safety regulations.
  11. Demonstrate the ability to define, implement and monitor quality service standards throughout the business.
  12. You should accept the charge of all fixed and movable assets of the hotel upon your commencement of title maintain and update the asset register.
  13. To demonstrate a balance between focus on profitability and future business with an emphasis to increase secondary spend from Food / Beverages / Outside Catering Services.
  14. To submit to the General Manager, with the help of Finance department, monthly operating statement, balance sheet along with schedules and stock statement of consumables, operating equipment and fixed assets along with budgeted figures and year to date figures before 10th of following month and such other information requested from time to time.
  15. For the purpose of compliance, liaise with Human Resource Manager to ensure displayed licenses are up to date.
  16. To encourage self confidence through staff participation, be professional to general affairs.


  1. Maintain awareness of cost issues, a well organized approach, and ability to work under pressure and mature hand of approach to exhibit excellent leadership skills.
  2. Effective preventive regular machines and equipment’s and maintenance of the operations areas.
  3. Effective quality assurance measures throughout the client satisfaction process.
  4. High degree of operational staff morale, discipline and industrial peace in the hotel.


  • Front of the hotel and conferences
  • Housekeeping, laundry, garden and back yard
  • Food & Beverage, Kitchen and Pastry & Bakery inclusive
  • Maintenance
  • Guest Relations and standards of service
  • Food and Beverage purchased items and its control
  • In liaise with the Chief Accountant, accountability for petty cash / floats


  • Early morning tea and coffee is ready for service on time.
  • Breakfast buffet is laid out and ready for service on time.
  • Lunch buffet is laid out and ready for service on time.
  • Afternoon tea is laid out and ready for service on time.
  • Dinner service is ready on time.
  • Lounge bar and pool bar are ready for service on time.
  • Dishes on the Buffet are appropriately labeled.
  • Menus are always available and displayed in the restaurant as per schedules
  • Menus, Wine lists, Cocktail lists, Room cards etc are free of creases, dirt and stains.
  • Chafing dishes are well polished and in immaculate condition.
  • Dining room service station drawers and cupboard are clean and free from unnecessary papers.
  • Table clothes, and napkins placed on dining tables are in good condition, ironed, without stains and shreds.
  • Cutlery, crockery and glassware are placed symmetrically on dining tables and be in good condition without stains, cracks or being chipped.
  • Staff report on duty punctually.
  • Staffs in all areas abide with laid down personal grooming and hygiene standards.
  • Supervision is carried out in the dining room during meal times and in the bars particularly in the evenings when guest return from out of the hotel activities.
  • All food and Beverage outlets are appropriately staffed during service hours.
  • Scheduled guest entertainment always commences on time.
  • In liaise with Sales & Marketing Manager, ensure special events and guest activities are well coordinated.
  • Individuals and groups checking in are personally welcomed by Restaurant Hostess or the Restaurant Supervisor on duty.
  • Meals served at the staff canteen are served on time and conforms to the laid down standards and feedback passed on to the Executive Chef.
  • Staff changing rooms and toilets are maintained and in hygienic conditions.
  • Path and gates heading to the hotel and its pavements are well kept.


  • Kitchen premises, equipment, racks, dish wash / pot wash areas.
  • Deep freezer, cold rooms, beverage cold room and fridges.
  • Bulk store, dry goods store, beverage cellar, furniture store, empties store and garbage store.
  • Staff changing rooms &toilets.
  • Dining room / bars and bar stores.
  • Public toilets.
  • Gem stone shop.
  • Swimming pool, changing rooms and surroundings.
  • Staff canteen
  • Staff toilets
  • Staff active offices and surroundings
  • Generator room
  • Boiler reservoir room
  • Water pump room
  • Gas tank enclosure
  • Septic Tanks / French drains
  • Maintenance workshop and surrounding areas
  • Drainage and the prevention of blockages
  • Car wash vault
  • Barbeque site
  • Nature walk routes (by the gardens)
  • Neatly display of all notices on pin-boards
  • Water features
  • Kitchen general cleaning as scheduled
  • Turning circle and parking area
  • Restaurant boards and podium
  • Timing of restaurant service clearance


  • Check coffee machine, hot water heater, hot towels heater and cappuccino machine to ensure:
  • Appropriate water levels are maintained e.g. inadequate water in all kind of heaters and coffee machine could burn out the elements or crack the glass container on glass made machines, whereas water levels exceeding the maximum point in the cappuccino machine will result in water instead of steam being emitted.
  • Scaling in the machines is identified to prevent clogging of sensor in the hot water heater and also to prevent poor quality coffee being produced in the coffee machine.
  • Check Deep Freezer and cold rooms to ensure:
  • Correct Temperature is maintained.
  • Doors are not left open for prolonged periods.
  • Check Ice – Making Machines to ensure:
  • Water inlet valves are in open position during operating hours.
  • Adequate provision of ice.
  • In liaise with the Technician on duty or the Maintenance Head of department, check pumps and tanks in water pump room to ensure:
  • Pumps are in good working condition.
  • Water in borehole storage tank is adequately treated with chlorine or preferred chemicals and cleaned in every six months.
  • In liaise with the Technician on duty or the Maintenance Head of department, check generator(s) in generator room to ensure:
  • Generators are not affected by overloading.
  • Generators are not emitting oil fumes, smell and unusual vibrations.
  • Tanks are free of leaks.
  • In liaise with the Technician on duty or the Maintenance Head of department, check boiler(s)

Take a note of:-

  • Primary function of the boiler (to produce hot water in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of the hotel).
  • In order to do this, the boiler requires fuel, air and water at all the times during operation.
  • That the heat released during the combustion of the fuel produces steam for hot water.
  • This process is continuous for the entire period that the boiler is in operation.
  • That in order to respond to these changes accurately and efficiently, various control systems are used on the boiler.
  • That the temperatures must read and clearly observed for constant supply of hot water to the hotel.
  • In liaise with the Swimming Pool Attendant or the Maintenance Head of department, checking swimming pool areas, plant room and pool water to ensure:
  • Motors are not overheating.
  • Pipes are free of leaks.
  • Water is appropriately treated with chemicals.
  • Check garden and surrounding to ensure:
  • Freshness of the plants.
  • Weeding of gardens, particularly around flower and plant beds to promote visibility to plants and flowers.
  • Cleanliness of waste paper, dried leaves, pieces of carton, polythene, tins etc.
  • Pruning of plants is carried out regularly
  • Weeding is done properly for garden to look presentable
  • Professional design water recycling methods
  • Water is not misused
  • Check Lights in all front of house and back of house areas to ensure:
  • Light management operating standards are being followed
  • Lights are not left switched on unnecessarily
  • Security lights are on when required
  • Check wall security light holders / lights on pathways are free of insects and dirt
  • Burnt out bulbs are replaced immediately
  • Check all laundry Machines to ensure:
  • Machines are free of leaks
  • Machines are operated economically as per standard operating procedures
  • Pay visits to Stewarding room to ensure:
  • Check dish washing/glass washing machines and hot water in still room for scaling.
  • Check chafing dishes and bain-marie at the inside (underneath of inserts) to ensure dishes are cleaned regularly by stewards to prevent scaling.


  • Attending to inquiries from hotel guests and action accordingly.
  • Where necessary supervising off-loading of supplies e.g. gas, diesel, food etc.
  • Ensuring that Company properties are not being misused by staff or outsiders.
  • Providing assistance to departments and or sections as required.
  • Ensure presence of Night Security.
  • Carrying out inspection of two sample guest rooms per shift.
  • Sharing with other management staff of Duty Manager’s reports on reported issues requiring action on service, cleanliness, maintenance and inspected rooms.
  • Insuring of safekeeping of hotel keys cards comprising of Grand Master Key cards for guest rooms, fire alarm key, spare key for roomssafe deposits and spare key for cupboard key.
  • Essence of greener (ecological) management within the hotel.


  • Ensure that the number of security personnel is sufficient for the night shift.
  • Ensure that fire equipment’s are well placed, maintained, update and inspected in time.


  1. Limits of authorities:
  2. Hotel assets will not be moved without prior approval from the Directors of Finance.
  3. That hotels’ structure should not be altered without prior consents of the Director Finance.
  • Discounts need Director of Finance’s approval.
  1. Counseling of staff should be the base of disciplinary action. While hiring of contracted staff and termination of appointment should endure Human Resource Manager’s attention and professional concern.
  2. Maintain management ethics of no discrimination at work place.
  3. That the laws of the country and Labour laws are not preceded.
  • Not to supersede Director’s authorities.


Minimum Qualifications

  • 5 years experience working for 5 star hotel property,
  • Ability to spot and resolve problems efficiently,
  • Mastery in delegating multiple tasks,
  • Communication and leadership skills,
  • Ability to manage personnel and meet financial targets.

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