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Corridor Area, House No: 94
Arusha, Tanzania

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We recognise that the chief function of businesses operating in the hospitality and service industry is to serve people – whether it’s food, lodging, communication or other services. The importance of employee, training and competency development in the service sector can’t be overstated, because every job ultimately aims for guest satisfaction. Workers in every facet of industry, from hotels, airlines, banks, telecommunication companies to hospitals, affect the guest experience. Without proper qualifications, employee-guest encounters can go off track, affecting business operations, performance and profitability; ultimately, unqualified staff can be expensive.
Outstanding Solutions assists and enables hospitality and service companies to transform their operations standards to achieve increased guests’ satisfaction and standards or operations.


Outstanding Solutions Ltd is a hospitality consultancy company, incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania, providing complete staffing solutions, training and competency development for the Tanzania’s tourism and hospitality industry.


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